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April 21, 2017

The world is run by people who follow up, and for sellers, that means being persistent.  You will win more business by being persistent than anything else. 

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However, I have seen many sellers lose a piece of business because they weren’t persistent enough. So here’s a quick formula to help you become more persistent with your prospects.

In the first week of following up with a prospect, assuming that you’re not getting in touch with the person, place a call and send an email back to back. Make the call, leave a voicemail, hang up the phone, and send an email right away. The email subject should read, “Sorry that I missed you”. Do this twice a week.

During the next week, send a LinkedIn request if you’re not already connected with the person. If you’re already connected with them on LinkedIn, you may send them a LinkedIn message just to see if that’s a better way to communicate.

Take the next week off. During the following week, send a voicemail and an email back to back again. Leave a voice mail, hang up the phone, and immediately send an email. Do that twice a week. Then take a week off and try the cycle of the voicemail and the phone call again.

On average, it takes about 12 attempts to reach someone. That’s not because everyone is trying to ignore you, but because they’re busy. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of timing. However, that call and email should only take you a couple of minutes a day and it will pay dividends.

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2 responses to “The Single Most Important Sales Trait | Sales Tips”

  1. Harm Meijer says:

    Persistence is indeed very important Colleen. Thanks for your insight. But what would you do when persistence is perceived as annoying by your potential customer? Are there differences in this aspect in culture? Market segment?

  2. Use a variety of media such as email, voice mail, networking events, mail and linked in. Make sure you are delivering value rather than just chasing the deal. If you are being perceived as annoying the buyer is likely not interested in your solutions. Move on.

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