When you choose Engage Selling as your sales training partner, you can count on benefiting from Colleen’s proven 3-Phase Training System – at the heart of today’s most effective sales teams.

This is not hit-and-run training – Colleen ensures training is tailored to the specific needs of each organization and provides the follow-up that instills accountability in all participants.

Customized training reflecting the most acute needs. Rather than delivering stale, cookie cutter solutions, Colleen presents sales strategies that reflect the results of a preliminary needs analysis. This ensures that training time is spent on sales strategies that will deliver the biggest impact on results.

Proven sales strategies for immediate implementation. Instead of recycling decades old sales methodologies, Colleen’s sales strategies are proven, based on what is working today in this tough economy. And Colleen doesn’t stop at what to do; she also addresses the how so that participants can begin implementing immediately.

Phase 1: Discover

Engage’s sales training engagement begins with discovering the biggest opportunities for increasing the sales team’s performance. Spending time on areas of the sales process that will not yield significant performance improvements reduces the return on training investment. Instead, Colleen utilizes a variety of tools to determine where the biggest opportunities to improve results lie so that a training program can be constructed to deliver those results.

Sample sales process elements examined include:

  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Delivering the Message
  • New Business Development
  • Objection Handling
  • Pipeline Management
  • Negotiation and Closing
  • Needs Analysis
  • Leveraging the Customer Base

Phase 2: Deliver

With her high-energy delivery and refreshing candor, Colleen delivers training that engages participants with easy-to-understand strategies and practical implementation tactics. Sales strategies presented are based on sound selling fundamentals and have been proven to work in today’s tough market. As important, Colleen details implementation steps using real examples and sales scripts. This ensures that implementation can begin immediately, literally upon return to the office.

Engage recognizes that the specific way training is delivered depends on the nature and deployment of the sales team as well as real-life budget constraints. Accordingly, a combination of delivery mechanisms (live, web-based, self-paced, etc…) can be used to meet those constraints without compromising outcomes.

And at the conclusion of the training session, each participant is required to complete an Individual Accountability & Implementation Plan, committing to implement their key strategies implementation actions. A copy of this is provided to the participant, to their manager and to Colleen.

Phase 3: Do

With traditional hit-and-run training, participants often retreat to their comfort zone when they return to the office. To ensure that newly learned strategies are implemented, Colleen provides mechanisms for follow-up and accountability.

Given every participant completes their Individual Accountability & Implementation Plan, progress can be measured against their commitment with follow-on sessions. Not only does this provide incentive to ensure implementation is completed as committed in time for the call or webinar, it also provides an opportunity to identify any road-blocks encountered so they can be discussed and resolved.

These follow-on sessions may also be combined with additional training content, to reinforce or build upon previous strategies. In additional, separate follow-on with sales management provides a vehicle to discuss implementation from a sales-team perspective so that additional opportunities for performance improvements can be identified.