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Right on the Money delivers a proven, realistic game plan for sales and marketing in a topsy-turvy world  Barnes & Noble

Right on the Money

Colleen Francis

Discover how these strategies can transform your results!

Right on the Money provides the blueprint to win with today’s demanding buyers: to deliver personalized value, beat the competition and reap the rewards.

In our new landscape the line between B2B and B2C selling strategies has been obliterated. Buyers—not sellers—now hold control and sellers can only succeed by transitioning from a “sell-to” to a “buy- from” sales culture.

The key to succeeding in sales today is to build a customer-centric revenue model, integrating the buyer and their unique needs into your pipeline. The result is bigger deals in shorter time.

Right on the Money details how to become an indispensable customer-aligned supplier by leveraging critical mass influence, using time as your brand, and being broad where others are narrow. And you’ll see how to focus on the key Sales Velocity metrics that drive your growth, profitability and customer loyalty.

Praise for Right on the Money

Colleen Francis has been an integral transformational sales leader for RelaDyne. As the market leader with ongoing acquisitions, our continual RelaDyne challenge is the professional evolution of our sales force. With Colleen’s guidance and expertise, RelaDyne has pivoted to a post-COVID sales organization optimizing technology, value-based selling, account planning, retention, analytics, and advanced coaching techniques. She is valued, honest, and always on point.
Dan Oehler, EVP, RelaDyne
Colleen Francis has taken Orbitform’s sales to the next level. With her expertise in sales strategy and tactics, she has expertly coached us through the infamously difficult 2020 selling year and built momentum for an exceptional 2021. We are playing at a higher level because of Colleen Francis. Right on the Money provides a roadmap to all businesses for similar success.
Phil Sponsler, President, Orbitform
I’ve admired Colleen Francis for two decades for her deep talent in active sales coaching and engagement. Colleen has proven that she is a master of her field. Thank you Colleen for packaging so much of your knowledge in Right on the Money – it’s always a good time to sell, now more than ever.
Kathryn Tremblay, CEO, Exel / Altis HR
Colleen Francis “gets it.” She doesn’t rely on cookie cutter sales techniques from decades ago, she understands what works in today’s challenging business-to-business sales environment. Not only did she help our team perform on a new level, her insights for our sales leadership team set us up to continue achieving those results – no matter what challenges we face in the future.
Katy McFee, VP Sales, Evidence Partners
Colleen Francis has been a key part of our team as we transform our sales organization in this competitive, volatile market. Her ability to quickly assess the opportunities has meant accelerated client acquisition and increased share of wallet growth. Colleen’s guidance is clear and frank, and the strategies in Right on the Money provide the opportunity for immediate and lasting results.
Steve Moore, CEO, Parman Energy Group

Right on the Money

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