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How to Be More Interesting

Have you ever wondered what makes you and your business more interesting to your prospects and clients?

It isn’t hourly updates on social media or a picture with a celebrity. In fact, what makes a business more interesting to prospects often eludes most business owners.

In order to generate true interest from your clients, as well as create engagement and more business, you must first demonstrate interest in them as human beings. ← Click To Tweet

Many salespeople often forget that clients are people. They aren’t walking wallets or talking POs. When you treat them as such, you will often lose the opportunity to create a valuable, long lasting relationship. Even the most distinguished decision maker would rather be spoken to as a person than a number.

There are several actions you can take to demonstrate to your prospects and clients that you care about them:


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Wells Fargo: What Happens When You Set Targets Based on Rhyme Not Reason

I’m not ready to stop sharing the Wells Fargo fiasco and what it means for us as professional sellers. Today, we are hearing about sales targets.

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Are You Attending Dreamforce Sales Summit 2016?

Dreamforce Sales Summit is just a couple weeks away! Tickets for the event are sold out, but if you’re going to be attending, I encourage you to join me for my session. When you do, be sure to bring along the top thing hindering your sales, I’ll be happy to help you address it! See you on October 4th at 12:00PM in Yerba Buena Salon 9.

You can read the full agenda at

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