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Sales Travel Lessons – November 2017

This year has been the year of international travel for me.

As I write this I’m on my last overseas trip for the year, kicking off a new project in France.

As a sales expert, I watch interactions everywhere, and it’s fascinating to see how different cultures interact personally and professionally.

Here are some interesting observations:


Sometimes It’s OK Not to Grow | Sales Strategies

Today, I really want to focus on sales leaders for this strategy. Specifically, any sales leader who has a team who needs to set targets or an individual who sets their own targets such as a business owner or an individual contributor.


Why Cold Calling Doesn’t Work

There has been much debate on my LinkedIn article regarding cold calling. I’ve discussed it in-depth this year especially, as in 2017 and beyond there are simply more effective prospecting methods available today.


3 Steps to Boosting Your Sales Team’s Confidence

Want to know two things that never go together when it comes to salespeople?

Low confidence and high sales results.

Seriously, have you ever seen a sales rep who sulks in the corner all day, talks about how tough it is to make sales, lacks overall self-esteem but simultaneously still manages to be the top performer in the company?

Suffice to say that’s a rhetorical question. It simply doesn’t happen.

Methods and strategies are great, but are you focusing enough on your sales team’s confidence level?


How Do You Behave in Public?

You only have a few seconds to make a positive first impression on someone.

Let’s face it – within moments of meeting another person we have often already determined whether or not we want to work with them.

Here are, what I believe to be, extremely simple steps to creating trust in meeting someone new:


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