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Immune to Sales Coaching?

May 21st, 2015

NewBlogMay21stThey’re hitting and exceeding their targets with no signs of slowing down. Should you even bother to coach your top sales performers?

I’ve been working with executives for the last few years on sales coaching practices. I’ve noticed that many executives are on the fence about whether or not to coach top performers.

Let me clear the air.

Your top performers should absolutely be coached, regardless of how impressive their numbers have been and how long they’ve been exceeding expectations for.

Here’s the truth, you have the best opportunity to move the bar forward with your revenue by coaching your top performers. So, don’t fall into the trap! Executives who implement a “hands off” policy for their best performers are doing a major disservice. <– Click To Tweet

What’s the best way to coach them? Read the rest of this entry »

I Hire Only Experienced People, I Don’t Need To Train Them

May 20th, 2015

Today I’ll share the pros of coaching your sellers – even your top sellers – regularly.


Build a Connection!

May 19th, 2015

March25RefreshYou offer a great service and haven’t received any complaints. Yet, you still feel a void between yourself and your client.

Emails and calls are short and to the point, and you may even feel anxious about your client ending the business relationship unexpectedly. You never really know where you stand with your client, professionally and personally.

Have you felt like this before? Many salespeople and business owners have.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What truly defines a great salesperson isn’t what happens during the sales process, but what happens afterwards.

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Sales Tip: Handling Poor Performers Productively

May 15th, 2015

Don’t handle poor performers poorly. There’s a more productive way to help them recover. Get the details in this week’s video sales tip.

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It Won’t Close!

May 14th, 2015

Red prohibition, no entry sign on background

Those feelings of frustration, disappointment, and let’s face it…anger, will often creep up on a salesperson who was unable to close the deal.

Even a seasoned seller will feel that empty sensation in their gut when an exciting opportunity slips between their fingers. Now, the worst thing to do after you lose a sale is to allow yourself to get down. A slump is easy to get into, but it can be difficult to climb out of. <– Click to Tweet

That being said – do take time to reflect on why you lost out on the sale. I don’t advocate moving on from one loss to another without ever attempting to learn why your sales aren’t closing. In my experience, there are seven big reasons why that sale didn’t close. Get familiar with them and learn what you need to do to avoid them at all costs!

I outline exactly what you need to know in this sales article.