Do You Have Fries for That?

Here is how a simple question can boost your sales!

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I was reminded the other day of the world’s most successful upsell question.
Do you know what it is? It’s McDonald’s with that?” question…
You know, it’s had to have added hundreds of billions of dollars to their revenue over the course of their history, and it’s applicable to every business and every seller watching this video right now.
Sometimes it’s simple as just asking your customer, what else are you working on that we can help you with? Sometimes it’s about picking a product or service from your catalog and positioning it in a way that’s helpful to the customer right now.
Sometimes it’s making sure that the customer who’s come in to buy something from you knows that customers who have bought X have also needed to buy Y and Z.
That’s the Amazon approach.
Customers who liked this also liked that.
Related products or related parts in your catalog, if you have a catalog.
In some cases it’s about new product launches and making sure customers are educated on what’s available.
In more strategic enterprise selling it’s about sitting down with your customers and making sure you understand the full operation of their business, where they’re going, what’s driving them, what their key business initiatives are, and then showing them all of the roadmaps that you have to help them get them there.
You know, the most common reason why your existing customers don’t buy more from you is because they simply don’t know you have more to offer.
And so it’s up to us to make sure that we’re offering our full catalogs of products and services in a proactive way that’s aligned with improving their future state.

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