No Excuses! Do This Every Day…

There’s a daily ritual you can’t afford to skip. Ditch the excuses and feed your funnel before you call it a day.

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The most important thing we can all be doing at sales professionals is pipeline building.
Yes, prospecting.
And I believe we should be doing that every single day.
My rule is you never go home, you never close up your computer or walk away from your office, if you work from home, without doing one thing to put new opportunities in the top end of your funnel.
Now those could be new opportunities from existing customers, or they could be new opportunities from new customers.
Either is fine.
Whether it’s asking for referrals or making calls, sending emails, responding to inquiries.
Those are the skills that you need to build into your day, every single day, so that you build the habit and you build your skill, and you build the muscle memory, and you make sure that there’s no gaps in your performance.
I don’t care if you are 150% of target or 15% of target right now.
As soon as you watch this video, make sure you do at least one thing to put new opportunities in the top end of your pipeline.

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One response to “No Excuses! Do This Every Day…

  1. Great reminder Coleen,

    This is the number 1 top priority but when you watch sales rep activity it’s the first we all tend postpone or procrastinate on!

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