Speed Up When Others Slow Down

There’s a myth that certain times of the year are sales graveyards. Guess what? They’re actually huge opportunities…

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So I’m shooting this video in the summer and you might be watching it in the summer, or maybe you’re watching it in the fall, or maybe you’re watching it in the dead of winter.
But you know, what happens with all sellers is they talk themselves into a time of year when you just can’t make sales.
Maybe it’s the holiday season, or maybe it’s summer season, or maybe it’s the Friday before a long weekend, or maybe it’s Easter, or maybe it’s around your birthday.
There always seems to be some days in the year where sellers say, oh, I just can’t sell, so I may as well not even try.
Do you know some of those seasons are the best times to make calls? Why? Because other people aren’t.
I’ve always found that those off seasons, if we could call it that, that others like to talk about, are the best times to reach customers.
They’re feeling a little bit more relaxed.
You can easily get in the door.
They’re not being bombarded by a sales calls.
In the words of one of my past customers, who is an exceptionally strong salesperson, he said, you know what, Colleen? If I slow down and my market slows down, then our business is going to slow down with it.
If my customers slow down and my competition slow down and I slow down to match them, then I’m going to soon be out of business.
And he was absolutely right.
He sped up when others were slowing down, and as a result, he was always the number one performer in his business.
So this summer or this holiday season, or this Easter or this spring, or this start of the year, whatever that is for you, what are you going to do to speed up when everyone else is slowing down?

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