Why Inside Sales is Win-Win

If you don’t have an inside sales team set up in concert with field sales, you are missing out on a huge opportunity!

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I recently saw a sales team’s organization transformed by this simple thing.
They added an inside sales team.
Now, doesn’t sound very revolutionary, does it? But here’s what’s happened.
They got a win because they took all of the field sales customers and they sliced them so that the smallest accounts are going to inside sales.
The theory was that that would open up time, free up time for those field sales reps to go out and spend more time with the biggest opportunities.
Makes sense. Yes.
And it worked.
Those field sales reps sold more simply because they freed up a few hours a week to find 1 or 2 more opportunities, a bigger size that they could sell and close.
And they did well.
But there was also an unintended beneficial consequence.
With those small accounts and the inside sales team, the inside sales team was able to reach out to them more frequently through phone and email and maybe text or other forms of media.
And in doing so, they uncovered more opportunities.
In doing so, those small accounts actually felt like they were being better taken care of.
And some of those small accounts were inside very large companies.
And as a result, those accounts grew in size.
In some cases, they were big enough to all of a sudden warrant a transfer back to the field sales.
And so there was a doubly positive effect in this transformation.
So think about that for your sales team.
Or if you’re a field sales person, think about using that approach personally.
Could you take some of your accounts and actually make them inside sales accounts and treat them through email and phone more frequently to drive their volume up, while freeing up time for you to focus your field time with bigger customers?

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