Don’t Present Features & Benefits

Turns out the real gold is not in what your product does today, but how it shapes your customer’s tomorrow.

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I was looking at some data from Gartner the other day, and one of their figures really struck me.
It showed that those account managers and sales reps who focused on customer improvement at the future state of their customer, outperformed those who simply focused on features and benefits.
So what’s the lesson for us? The lesson is when we think about what our products do and the way we’re going to frame those up for our customers and our prospects, we need to think of them in terms of how this is improving the customer’s state, how the customer’s business or operation will be improved in the future, and whether that’s through time or money or profits or people or stress productivity.
It doesn’t matter as long as you’re focusing and discussing the improvement that the customer is getting in the future.
Doing so is going to drive more revenue to your business faster.

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