Why Your Clients Don’t Want to Meet

Wonder why clients aren’t thrilled to see you? Maybe it’s your approach. Learn how to make every interaction matter, starting with this…

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A client of mine was bemoaning the other day that it was hard to keep and retain customers because no one wanted to see them anymore. No one had time to see them anymore.
No one was showing up for their meetings when he popped in or when he made a phone call.
So I analyzed this a little bit to find out what he was really doing on those calls, and I came to find out that really, he was just popping in to see if everything was okay or stopping by as a courtesy visit, but not offering any value.
The key to customer retention is not popping in, or just showing up or wanting to say hi, because people don’t have time for that.
People are understaffed and they’re overworked, and they might not even be in the office.
They’re in back to back to back to back meetings.
The only way to retain clients is to stay relevant, to stay focused on their business, to have strategic conversations that show them how you’re going to improve their operation.
They don’t want to take time out of their day to just say hi, and they consider that a waste of time.
They do want to have a strategic conversation with you that shows clearly the value they’re getting from your product, and be presented with new ideas on how you can continue to work together to improve their organization.
So make sure you’re reframing those pop in visits or those stopping by courtesy calls and instead laying out strategic business reviews with your customers that you can conduct on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

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