Don’t Dismiss These!

Ever skip chatting with someone because they weren’t ‘high-up’ enough? Big mistake!

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Years ago in selling, we were taught never talk to anyone who isn’t that very important, top officer.
And you know what? Today, nothing could be further from the truth.
There is no such thing as a poor quality stakeholder.
There’s no such thing as a poor quality conversation.
Every conversation with everybody inside an organization that you’re trying to sell to, or who is already a customer, can provide you valuable information if you ask the right questions.
You’re either getting information that can help you move the sale forward.
You’re getting information about the buying requirements, the buying needs, and the buying process inside the organization.
Or you’re getting information about the organization.
You’re getting information about their business.
You’re getting information about the products that they sell to customers, the culture in which they operate.
So don’t treat any one conversation as good or bad.
Treat them all as useful and make sure that you use that information to build the case as to why that prospect or customer should be buying from you.

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