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The Secret to Breaking Out of a Sales Slump

Trying to motivate a member of your sales team to break out of a sales slump?

No matter their skill level, ambition, and work ethic, even the best of salespeople go through a period where they create less than desirable results. And, if they stay in this pattern for too long, they tend to lose confidence in their own abilities and throw themselves even deeper into a negative spiral.

So, what’s the real secret behind helping your reps get back on track when they’re struggling?

How to Answer “How Much?” | Sales Strategies

Today, we’re going to talk about value and specifically selling value instead of price. If I had to guess, 75% of the times that I’m in front of an audience, the salespeople say, “My clients don’t care about value. They only care about price and they’re just driving us down to this race of zero margins.”

Using Criticism to Increase Sales

You’ve probably had to deal with professional criticism at some point (or often) in your sales career.

In such a fast-paced, high-pressure profession that is continuously focused on results, we are often subject to our fair share of criticism from colleagues, managers, clients, and prospects.


Stop Waiting for Sales to Improve

When salespeople are stuck or in a slump, many of them tend to…wait. That’s right, far too many sellers just wait for things to get better.

Sales rarely get better by just waiting around.

Whether you’re a business owner or part of a company’s sales team, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the number one activity that keeps your organization thriving…client prospecting.


The Critical Mistake that Sinks Sales Presentations | Sales Strategies

I’ve had many opportunities recently to sit in during sales meetings and presentations, and I have to be honest. Awful is the really the only word that comes to mind.


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