Maybe It’s You

Aren’t happy with the info you’re getting from your prospects? Don’t blame the buyer – ask yourself these tough questions instead…

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So the other day I was on a coaching call with a client, and his sales rep said, buyers are liars.
And that was his excuse for losing the piece of business.
And I had to jump in because I absolutely hate that expression.
If you believe buyers are liars, it changes your demeanor in the way you’re interacting with the customer, which is going to be off-putting to them and probably cause you to lose the business.
Also, think about it this way: if buyers aren’t giving you correct information, maybe it’s a reflection of you.
Maybe it’s the questions you’re asking.
Maybe you aren’t phrasing the question right.
Maybe you come across as snarky, or cheesy, or slimy, or all of those things that make buyers feel uncomfortable in a sharing and open way.
So get rid of that term from your vocabulary and instead look internally and think, what could I be doing differently to get better information from the prospect?

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