Your Secret Sales Force

Let’s face it – everyone makes bold statement about the value they deliver to the customer. How to stand apart? Build in this proof point to every claim you make…

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I was reminded the other day, I have an expression that I used to use all the time, and that is that your clients are your secret sales force.
And you know one thing that you could be doing very differently in all of your sales conversations is using your clients as examples.
Now, I don’t mean name dropping because some of you have confidentiality agreements in place.
But I mean, every time you describe a feature or a function or a benefit or a value, put it in the words of a customer and say, customers have appreciated this because or other manufacturing clients have used it in this way.
A financial services customer of mine got benefit this way.
The value that one of our restaurant operators got from the product was X.
If you use your clients and frame your features, benefits, and value in their language, then your customer that you’re talking to, your prospect starts to believe you more and more, and they trust that you have value to bring them as well.

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