Doing Your Team Meetings Wrong?

Meeting monthly for status updates? Why bother? Instead you need short, sweet weekly meetings. Here’s what to cover…

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This message is for all the sales managers out there.
You’ve got to stop running monthly sales meetings.
It’s not productive and it’s not going to drive your team to top performance.
It’s probably not even going to help them hit their baseline goal.
I mean, imagine if an orchestra only practiced once a month, they’d be terrible.
Or if your favorite sports team only hit the pitch once a month, practice before a big game, you would lose probably every time.
Weekly meetings are the best.
Now, before you say meetings are three hours long.” Yeah, that’s a problem.
They’re not productive when they’re three hours long.
Salespeople are itching to go.
They’re impatient and competitive, and they want to get out and do something.
Shorten your meetings to maybe an hour, and have the weekly over time.
Share best practices a time for updates.
You don’t need everyone to report in on what they did last week and what they’re doing this week.
You need them to talk about results.
Share best practices, show the team where you’re at versus where they need to be.
Talk about what everyone needs to do to fill the gap or keep the momentum going and work through pinch points.
Short. Sweet. Actionable.
And that is what’s going to drive you to top performance.

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