Sales Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight

Imagine the power of learning from the best. No, not a guru or a coach. They’re already in your team, and I’ll show you how to tap into it.

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It has been said, and it is true that the best salespeople never stop learning.
And you know that, right? Because you’re here learning from me.
But I want to challenge you with something.
The best salespeople don’t just learn from outside experts.
They learn from the best people in their organization.
Every time I do a training session with one of my clients, or run a workshop or even observe a meeting, I notice an interesting dynamic.
And that is one person sitting across the room is sharing a success story or sharing a trouble spot, some pinch point, or an idea that they have, or a process or a tool that they use.
And somebody else over here or maybe over there says, oh, I never thought about it that way before.
I didn’t know we had that tool.
I didn’t know we could do that with our product.
I didn’t know that that would be the right answer.
And they learn from each other.
And it always surprises me that organizations don’t facilitate these discussions more often.
They could be global!
Hosting a webinar between your New York based team and your London based team, or your London based team and your Asia based team.
Or they could be regional where you just have different sales reps in different vertical markets talking to each other.
They could also just be impromptu one sales rep, turning and facing another and asking a question.
Learn from each other.
There is massive value in the knowledge that you get from the people who are doing the same thing as you are every single day and succeeding.
That’s what’s going to help accelerate your growth.

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