Do Your Goals Meet this Test?

We all have sales targets and goals. The question is, have you made them achievable? Take the test!

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I feel the need to go back to basics for a second.
Far too many sellers these days aren’t setting very smart goals for themselves, and they’re not paying attention to the metrics in the KPIs.
Sure, they have a goal, a target.
I need to close by the end of the year, but they’re not creating discrete, smart goals that are specific and measurable and time bound in order for them to achieve those goals.
Sometimes their goals aren’t even achievable because they haven’t thought about what it takes.
So I want to challenge you to look at your annual sales goal and to break it down into small monthly chunks.
Create time bound goals that are 30 days or seven days long that are achievable, very specific and measurable so that you can coach yourself and understand what the KPIs are.
Both the key leading indicators and the lagging indicators of your sales results are.
That way you can recreate success.
Make sure you understand specifically how many opportunities need to be in the pipeline at any given time.
How many calls that’s going to take on a weekly basis in order for you to build that pipeline.
How long it takes on average to close those sales so you know what month of the year you’re going to need to have a full pipeline for you to hit those goals.
And most importantly, know your closing ratio.
You might not like it.
I’m looking at some data right now that’s indicating my client has a 5% closing ratio and we don’t like it, but it at least provides us a baseline so we can build the pipeline and work to improve that closing ratio.
Without smart goals, you can’t improve because you don’t know where you’re succeeding so you can leverage that.
But you also don’t know where you’re failing, so you can correct it.

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  1. Coleen

    Well said. You have it broken down in a way that anyone can understand


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