The 1st Step to be a Better Listener

We all nod our heads when told we need to listen to the prospect. But still I see sellers dominating the conversation, not taking the time to understand the prospect’s business. Here’s the first then you can do to be a better listener.

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I was talking to a potential customer of my own a couple of weeks ago, and they said to me that they needed to transfer the skills of the managers, the founders of the company, because they were great salespeople to a burgeoning team that they were building.
And I said, okay, well, let’s talk about what makes you guys so great.
Why are you winning deals?
And they say, Because we have the gift of the gab.
Now, well, I almost fell off my chair because you and I know that salespeople need to be better listeners than better talkers.
So why do we spend so much time training about how to talk?
What questions to ask and how to present, and not very much time on how to listen.
Here’s one tip that has served me and my customers exceptionally well in selling.
That is to just be quiet.
Practically the best way to implement this is any time you ask a question and the customer answers, just sit still and be quiet for 3 seconds.
They’re either going to jump in and give you more information, which is great because now they’re talking without you having to say anything.
Or it’s just enough time for you to formulate another question or a statement or an answer without making them feel like you’re talking over them, interrupting, being defensive or not listening.
When the customer is doing the majority of the talking, you’re able to control the conversation and reframe it to where you want to go.
When you’re doing the majority of the talking, you have no control over what the customer is listening to or not listening to.
And so the fastest way to be better at sales is to not have the gift of the gab, but in fact to have the gift of good listening.
And in doing so, you will drive your closing rates up.

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