How it Pays to Team Sell

Going solo is a sure path to failure. Engaging your team isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a proven way to increase your deal sizes and close rates.

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Far too many sellers I’m working with right now think that team selling is optional?
They don’t invite their leaders.
They don’t invite their sales engineers.
They don’t invite their product specialists because they think they can do it all on their own.
They don’t want to share the relationship or maybe share the glory.
Maybe they’re fearful because they don’t want anyone to see what they’re actually doing and saying in front of the customer.
Or maybe they’re trying to protect the customer for some strange reason.
I don’t care what the reason is.
We need to stop it because team selling is not optional – it’s mandatory.
Team selling – having more than two or three or maybe even four people engaged from your side with the customer – have shown to decrease the time it takes to close a deal by as much as 30% – closing deals It also has been shown to improve your closing ratios by 40% – to your closing to 40% more deals.
It also has been shown to increase the value of the opportunities.
One of my clients said by five times, But even if it’s only 20% imagine an environment where you could close 40% more deals, 30% faster at 20% bigger value…
Well, you’d be over target pretty fast and into those accelerators.
So don’t think it as a nice to have it’s a must have in this environment.

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