Why You Need to Pace Yourself

Don’t make these common mistakes during the end of the quarter rush. It’s time to build a solid, equal, and paced result month after month for long-term success.

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I was out for a run the other day and I got thinking about the fact that sales should be more like a marathon and not a sprint.
The last thing we want to be doing is sprinting towards the end of the year or the end of the quarter, scooping up as many deals as fast as possible because we will make mistakes and we will do bad things for our business.
One of my managers had a really good sales marathon approach that we talked about just this morning.
He has about a $750,000 quota per quarter for the year on a particular product.
And this quarter, Q1, he’s going to finish about So what he’s doing is he’s taking that dividing it by three because they’ll be three remaining quarters.
What is that, per quarter?
And adding it to each of his months going forward.
So now he’s going to have a $900,000 target for the last three quarters of the year because he knows that his team can make up $150,000 difference.
But if he tried to throw $450,000 in Q2 to make his numbers by the halfway through the point, his team would make mistakes.
His team would be scrambling, his team would be moving too fast.
They’ve poorly qualified deals or put the wrong deals into the pipeline or negotiate too hard.
And that’s a great example of why sales should be a marathon, not a sprint.
Make sure you’re building an equal and paced result every single month.
Then you can have an equal and paced activity target on a weekly basis that is going to help you achieve a consistent pace of goals.

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