Why It Pays to be Skeptical

Great closers are skilled researches. Like detectives, they ask questions, they’re skeptical, always wondering if there’s another person to talk to, a valuable stone left unturned. This healthy paranoia leads to more thorough qualification and better opportunities.

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The very best closers that I work with don’t only pay attention to the data as we’ve discussed, but they’re also researchers.
And like all good researchers, they ask questions.
Now, the best closers don’t just ask questions to their customers or their prospects.
They ask questions to themselves.
They’re skeptical.
They ask, is there one more person in this opportunity I should be talking to?
Is there one person who could be an anti-coach?
Is there one stone I haven’t unturned?
Is there one piece of value or qualification that I’ve missed?
They’re slightly paranoid.
But in doing so, they build a much better opportunity.
They have a more thorough qualification.
They don’t listen emotionally for what they want to hear.
They listen unemotionally for what they need to hear in order to make sure that they’ve done their research.
The prospect has done their research.
And they that together built a solid, qualified opportunity that’s going to close.
If you think about your closing as a science: pay attention to the data, pay attention to the research, be a little bit skeptical and try one more thing to over qualify.
Then you will always close more deals than you need in order to hit your target.

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