It’s Time to Prioritize the Sales Data

Closing deals shouldn’t be a guessing game—it’s all about the data! See the numbers that top closers rely on numbers to seal the deal.

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Closing is a science because the very best closers out there know that it’s the data that rules whether they’re going to close business or not.
They look at their closing probabilities.
They look at their gap to goal.
They look at the number of deals that are in their pipeline unemotionally and they determine whether or not they have enough to close for that quarter.
They pay attention to the gap and they work hard on prospecting enough to make sure that they always have more to cover the gap, because they realize in paying attention to the data that it relaxes them.
It takes the pressure off asking for the business.
It ensures that they focus on the relationship more than the PO.
And in doing so, the prospect doesn’t feel cajoled or manipulated.
They’re more engaged.
They like the engagement with you, and they’re more likely to do business with you.
So paying attention to the numbers is actually going to make your numbers better, is going to help improve your closing ratio.
But you can only do that if you’re a data scientist.

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