What It Takes to Win Today

The new normal is that there is no normal. So if you don’t adopt this critical behavior, you will be left behind…

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So I have discovered a secret that is the difference between good salespeople and great salespeople right now.
And that is adaptability.
Great salespeople look at the changes that are happening in their marketplace, the micro changes that might be happening every week, every month, every quarter, maybe even every day.
And they adapt to them on the fly.
They take a look.
On a week by week basis of what is working, what messages are resonate, well, how are their clients behaving and what are they talking about?
And they use those things the following week in order to improve their sales results.
They don’t believe necessarily in universal best practices.
They believe in building better practices every single week and adapting to the changes their customers are experiencing.
Far too many sellers cross their arms.
They fear change and they think, Why can’t I be successful like I was in the eighties?
Why can’t I be successful like I was last year?
Well, your markets are changing.
Your territories are changing.
The conditions are changing.
Who is being successful in your market is changing this year versus last year.
And if you’re not adapting to those changes and those trends, then you’re going to be left behind.
So do yourself a favor.
Pay attention to the trends that your customers are following today.
Pay attention to the approaches that are working with your customers today and do more of those things next week and then measure your results, measure those trends, measure the skills and adapt as required.
Doing so is going to help you sell more in less time.

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