The Pitfalls of a Free Trail

Sure, a free trial of your product or service may be a legitimate part of your sales process. But unless you’ve planned for these contingencies, it may well blow up in your face!

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So offering customers a free trial of your product or service before you close the business has been really top of mind for me lately.
And here’s what we’ve been working on with our customers that I think can serve you well if this is part of your sales process.
I’m sure that you already do a critical path, right?
You qualify the customer and then you determine what it’s going to take in that trial for them to be successful.
We carve out the amount of time it’s going to take and all the critical elements that have to come into place for the customer to say yes.
What’s often missing here, though, is understanding what happens if you fail.
What happens if you don’t hit that critical path?
Does the customer just say no?
Is it an on off switch?
Either yes you pass or no, you fail because I think you should build out more of a thermostat or a rheostat in terms of your success.
I mean, what if you missed the goal by 5% or 2%?
Is it over?
What if you’re building towards the goal on days trial?
Should they just toss you out?
Planning for the negative result will help you win more sales.
Yet we’re scared to do that because of course, we don’t want to talk about failure.
But the best advice that I can give you as you’re building your trial plans is to make sure that you know exactly what’s going to happen in the case of success.
But you also know what’s going to happen in the case of failure.

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