2 Ways to Build Pipeline Right Now

We all know the importance of building a solid pipeline, and I have two incredible success stories to share with you. Take these lessons and apply them to your own business…

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Many of you need to build pipeline now quickly, and it’s smart of you to be thinking about that.
So let’s share two examples that my clients are using right now to build extraordinarily qualified and big pipelines.
One took the simple approach of taking his customer service team and going through the accounts and having QBRs with existing accounts.
He built $200,000 of qualified pipeline with existing customers in a week.
That’s a pretty nice sized pipeline.
Another one is taking what we like to call an Omnimedia approach, using a variety of tools, including his CRM, LinkedIn, email and Zoom Info and of course, the phone.
He is creating a multi-pronged approach to targeted accounts.
He’s using examples.
And in fact, some of the media that he’s using are video clips of client examples and success stories, attachments with PDFs and ROI calculators.
And using this multi-pronged approach, he’s built a $600,000 pipeline in four short weeks.
Those are two simple things that everybody watching this video can do.
And if you implement that on a weekly basis, you will build a much larger pipeline than you need in order to hit your goal in no time at all.

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