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June 9, 2017

This year, my team and I have had the pleasure of working on some really interesting projects.

In one case, a client discovered that their customers demanded a 24-hour turnaround on all quotes. It’s a very fast-paced business and there’s lots of competition. If a client calls two or three companies for a quote, they generally take the first quote that comes back, so a 24-hour turnaround is important. However, we discovered that quotes from this client weren’t going out in 24 hours because there was a single person in the inside sales team who was required to approve all pricing. She was a pinch point in the organization.

Another client project we worked on had a requirement where their foreman, shop foreman, and shipping foreman had to sign on all shipments before they left the warehouse. When one of them went on vacation, called in sick, or just happened to be on a lunch break, there was no backup, meaning shipments were delayed and revenue was not coming in.

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The first place we often look is within the field sales team. When a company is not hitting their revenue goals, they often say, “Well, this sales team isn’t bringing in enough opportunities. Don’t place any more orders.” That may be the case, but the pinch point could be somewhere else down the line.

Are orders getting produced and shipped on time? Are invoices going out? Is your customer service being responsive? You owe it to your business to uncover every single pinch point that is stopping the buyer from having a frictionless buying experience with you. When you can uncover those pinch points and create backups or systems to work around them, you dramatically accelerate results.

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2 responses to “(Lack of) Speed Kills Sales | Sales Tips”

  1. Lots of good points here. You have to examine the entire sales process of your team if you want to improve results.

  2. […] the next 5 years, we are going to lose 33% of all inside sales jobs that are focused on order taking, and I estimate that over the next 10 years, all of those […]

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