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Cutting Edge Strategies for Sales Leaders by Colleen Francis

Your Territory is Your Business | Sales Tips

Throughout this year, we’ve been talking a lot about the hallmarks, the characteristics, and the personality types of the top performers.


Your End-of-Quarter Checklist | Sales Tips

We’re approaching the end of first quarter for many salespeople and it’s a good time for us to take stock.


Things Clients Notice that You Don’t | Sales Tips

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about traits of top performers and I mentioned that curiosity, creativity, persistence, and discipline were some of the key traits.  The other things that I noticed about top performers is that they have confidence and they have energy.  How does this manifest itself in front of a client?


My Top Five Travel Tips | Sales Tips

People ask me all the time what my tips are for travel because I travel all the time. So I thought I’d give you five of my best travel tips to always make sure that you arrive on time for your client meetings feeling refreshed and of course ready to sell.


Key Skills for Prospective Sellers | Sales Tips

Last year, I was interviewed by Maclean’s Magazine. They asked me what specific courses a student needed to take in order to get a good sales education coming out of university and going into the workplace.


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