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The True Test of a Seller’s “Rolodex” | Sales Strategies

I want to build on the tips that I discussed with you last week about the sellers that you should not hire. Something that remains true is that we want to hire sellers who are well connected and back in the day, that meant that we hired sellers for their Rolodex.


3 Warning Signs of Who NOT to Hire | Sales Strategies

Today, we’re going to go over three tips that will help you in your interview process so you know which candidates you shouldn’t hire.


They’re Back! Live Events… | Sales Strategies

Someone once said that everything old will become new again eventually. Recently, I read some research in Forbes Magazine that talks about how in 2018, one of the biggest trends for B2B sales lead generation is going to be live events.


92% of Executives are Immune to this Sales Tactic | Sales Strategies

I don’t know how many of you visit my LinkedIn profile page, but I encourage you to go there because there’s a really active conversation going on around a number of my posts.


The Critical Mistake when Selling Your Value | Sales Strategies

I spent a couple of days this week with a client rebuilding their sales process and specifically, helping them define what the qualifications, needs, and solutions portion of their sales process is.


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