My Simple Approach for Implementing New Sales Skills | Sales Strategies

Over the last 12 to 16 months, I have been working with clients to help them implement a new sales methodology. And I'm telling you we have come up with a magic formula for implementation accountability and producing great results. This entails a bi-weekly 30-minute sales meeting that’s focused on one narrow skill area that you want your salespeople to accomplish and master.


The #1 Strategy to Growing Current Accounts | Sales Strategies

A large number of my clients this year are looking to grow and retain their existing account base. They want to grow and retain those existing accounts at the highest level possible in their marketplace to better serve them and provide more value.


The Key to Predictable Results | Sales Strategies

One of my clients chose “predictability” as their company’s 2020 theme. I thought that was a really laudable goal because, in choosing “predictability” as the theme, they created sales processes, territories, and named accounts to really give the sales team the focus they needed to produce predictable results. More importantly, what’s the central key to ensuring that you and your client have predictable results? Adherence to the process. 


Steps to Take Now for Your Next Quarter | Sales Strategies

As we’re rounding out any month, quarter, or year—depending on how your fiscal year is created—I always like salespeople to think about accelerating their sales in the next period. The easiest way to start this process is by looking at your current sales velocity. 


Your December To-Do List | Sales Strategies

As we approach the last few weeks of the year, salespeople often find themselves either coasting into the new year because they have accomplished their sales goals, or they find themselves pushing hard because they have struggled to reach their sales targets.


How to Coach the Un-Coachable | Sales Strategies

I’ve recently been involved in a pilot coaching project with a large organization where we are teaching their sales managers how to coach. These sales managers have been incredibly effective with their coaching and getting their teams to accelerate results. 

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