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Silence is one of the simplest things a seller can learn to do, but it is the most difficult for them to execute in the sales process effectively.

Shut up and listen to your prospect—do not get overly excited and constantly ask them questions or dump information all over them.

In sales, there are often discussions about asking the right questions, handling objections, implementing effective training, and creating stronger presentations. However, we don’t discuss the importance of being silent. Silence is what will get you the information you need. 

Practice the Uncomfortableness of Silence

My tip for you today is to practice the uncomfortableness of silence. Practice biting your tongue, keeping your mouth closed, making eye contact, and letting them finish. Moreover, practice with another sales rep and ask them questions while being quiet for 3-5 seconds before they start to answer.

Being comfortable in silence will be your number one objection-handling and question technique because it will encourage the other person to continue talking. And when your buyer is talking, you are likely to win the business. Conversely, when you are doing all the talking, you are moving away from the sale.


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  2. They say ‘Silence is Golden’. Very aptly said. It causes a little bit of embarrassment to the customer or the buyer during the sales negotiation dialogue. Now they will come around straight to the point of matter.

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