The Key to Predictable Results | Sales Strategies

One of my clients chose “predictability” as their company’s 2020 theme. I thought that was a really laudable goal because, in choosing “predictability” as the theme, they created sales processes, territories, and named accounts to really give the sales team the focus they needed to produce predictable results. More importantly, what’s the central key to ensuring that you and your client have predictable results? Adherence to the process. 

You can’t have predictable sales results if:

  • nobody on your team is utilizing your sales processes and methodologies the same way
  • nobody on your team is implementing the CRM the same way
  • you aren’t targeting the same types of clients

Thus, adherence to your program is what’s going to create those predictable results because you will have common sets of data that you can compare, measure, and improve.

How Do You Further Ensure Predictable Results and the Adherence to the Process?

Accountability and coaching—bi-weekly at the minimum. This entails sales meetings and coaching sessions where people commit to getting the work done and using the tools. You then follow up and hold them accountable.

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