The #1 Strategy to Growing Current Accounts | Sales Strategies

A large number of my clients this year are looking to grow and retain their existing account base. They want to grow and retain those existing accounts at the highest level possible in their marketplace to better serve them and provide more value.

What Is the Number One Step You Need in Order to Retain and Grow Your Client? 

Contact expansion: you can’t retain or grow existing customers if you don’t build out multiple contacts inside each account. The first step is to identify the next in command. Ask yourself such questions like:

  • Who is their second in command?
  • Who is their deputy?
  • Who are the users of those products?
  • Who else is affected by that product?
  • Who authorizes purchases?
  • Who has a say in the product make-up?

All of those individuals need to be identified and, more importantly, need to build a relationship with. Indeed, the first step to retain and grow any of your clients is having a multitude of contacts that you can count on for research, support, information, or buy-in.

Take some time today with those accounts that you would like to retain and grow and start building out those org charts. That is going to be the best thing you can do this year in order to create a nonstop sales boom.

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