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Have you ever thought of debriefing your sales calls—the good, bad, or mediocre ones? It’s a great practice to get into.

Debriefing at the end of every type of sales call—a phone call, presentation, or proposal discussion—will enable you to identify what went right that you can replicate for future calls, what went wrong that you need to correct, or what didn’t go as plan that you maybe need to modify or eliminate. You can do this on your own, spending 5 minutes debriefing. Or even better, you can sit down with a manager, trusted colleague, or top performer in your organization and debrief with them.

2 Ways to Debrief Your Sales Calls

If you want an advanced way of debriefing your sales calls, make sales calls with someone else. In particular, make two kinds of sales calls:

  1. They are coaching you and they can debrief you after that sales call.
  2. Make a sales call with someone you consider to be a top performer in your organization where you are observing and evaluating. You then debrief after that call, asking yourself what went well that you can incorporate to your sales approach, or what didn’t go well that you should avoid.

These kinds of debriefs are the way you learn. Remember, it’s not just about correcting mistakes, the debrief is also about recognizing what caused you to win. Ultimately, it’s not important that you know that you’re good, it’s important you know WHY you are good. When you know why you are good, you can replicate that success and create more of it in the future.


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