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Over the last 12 to 16 months, I have been working with clients to help them implement a new sales methodology. And I’m telling you we have come up with a magic formula for implementation accountability and producing great results. This entails a bi-weekly 30-minute sales meeting that’s focused on one narrow skill area that you want your salespeople to accomplish and master.

The Magic Formula 

Here’s the formula that works the best:

1.) You assign some kind of pre-reading, pre-watching, or pre-listening. This can be a video, podcast, or an article.

2.) Then look for people in your team who are already doing this skill well.

3.) Have your sales meeting—bring everyone together.

4.) Teach the skill that you’re looking for them to implement.

5.) Highlight where certain people on the team are doing this well—get them to also share their successes.

6.) Have a quick team discussion on how they can implement this in their work.

7.) Ask for commitment for the next two weeks of what people are going to implement, and then on the alternative week where you’re not meeting as a team, you have one-on-one check-ins with each of your team members to find out how it’s going. This is also when you can do your one-on-one coaching—either deal, pipeline, or behavioral change coaching.

8.) Start the process all over again in the second week.

When you do this, you keep the momentum going. You get people used to implementing, reporting, and achieving success. You also create a little bit of competition with the team because everyone wants to be that person who’s highlighted in the next week. More importantly, you will create ongoing and lasting behavior change.


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