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I want you to throw out the concept of an ideal buyer. They just don’t exist anymore.

Instead, what exists is a buying community that’s made up of buyers and influencers inside each of the accounts and for every opportunity that you’re working on. 

How Do You Identify Who This Buyer Community Is?

Think about all the stakeholders inside the opportunity: who’s going to be using your product, who’s affected by your product, who might be concerned about your product, or whose internal executive team is the sponsor of the product.

There could be 5, 6, 7, or 11 different people that you need to be in touch with in order to figure out what the right solution is that you can offer. Thus, think about this as a buyer community and address each one of those people separately. When you do, you won’t get stuck with a gatekeeper that you’ve created by yourself and with a narrow focus for the solution of your product. More importantly, you’ll be able to get into the account using multiple approaches, visions, testimonials, and solutions. You’ll also get a much more well-rounded opportunity, scope, and frame that you can position yourself successfully in.

Not only does focusing on the buyer community open up the size of the opportunity, it also dramatically increases your chances of winning because you haven’t left any stones unturned. There aren’t any surprises with people who can say “no” or be a naysayer later in the process.

Stop thinking about an ideal buyer—singular—and start thinking about a buyer community. You will be able to create a non-stop sales boom.


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  2. But if you’re dealing with the president of a company? How do you introduce yourself to these other stakeholders, like his management team? Do you do it through the president you know? Ask him or her if you could speak to them?

  3. Yes, so critical in today’s market conditions. It is so important to get to meet as many people as you can, who put up their strongest influence on a product approval and it’s purchase. Also it is a win-win situation wherein you get to exchange critical information from time to time. It almost becomes an internal problem solver by itself. No need of a second opinion from a third party at many times. Ok Thanks.

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