Treat Your Territory Like Your Own Business | Sales Strategies

The very best reps I know own their territories as if it were their own business.

They plan for success in those territories proactively, rather than just taking whatever comes their way, crossing their fingers, and hoping for success.

How Do They Do This?

They look very simply at their quota. Of course, you have to start with a quota, target, or goal. They then decide how much of that revenue is going to come from their existing customers either through repeat orders, increased orders, and how much of that is going to come from net new customers. 

Furthermore, they look to determine how many opportunities and leads they need to create for each of those categories. They then determine what the best likelihood or who the best likelihood is to create those opportunities. In other words, which of your clients are most likely to reorder or increase their order.

Afterwards, these top reps create account plans and opportunity plans. On the net new side, they look at their territory and think where are their best opportunities coming from, what prospects do they have that are more likely to be converted to leads, and what’s their pursuit plan for getting those net new opportunities. Once those plans are developed, they execute, measure, monitor, and follow-up. They also make adjustments on a quarterly basis as they go because they know that the best territory plan is a dynamic territory plan

Thus, use territory planning to help you plan for success. When you do, you will have one of your best years yet.


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