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I got a request the other day from sales reps who were looking to better themselves. Specifically, they asked me what they should be reading as sales reps. 

I think the answer I gave surprised them because they were probably thinking I would give them a list of 10 sales books. While I think it’s important to be reading on your craft, I believe, in order to better yourself as a salesperson, you need to be reading in other areas. And here are those areas that I think you should be paying attention to.

World or Domestic Events

World or domestic events are something you should pay attention to because they can tremendously impact your customers. My go-to source for that would be The Wall Street Journal. You will want to be informed on what is going on in and around the markets that you serve and the markets that affect them. You will want a credible news source that’s going to be fair across all countries. 


You’ll also want to read for fun. There has to be some fun fiction reading that you should be paying attention to. Why? It makes you a better writer, thinker, presenter, and helps you relax.


I strongly believe you should be reading magazines, especially business focused magazines like Fast Company and Inc. They’re very topical, helping you stay current about leading business trends. A lot of sales reps also read magazines like Psychology Today because it helps them better understand mindset and the brain.


Blogs are another important media that you should be focusing on. Read blogs not just in your scope of expertise—meaning if you’re in manufacturing, technology, compliance, banking, or oil and gas, don’t just read blogs confined to those subject matters. Read blogs that are also generally about sales and leadership.


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  2. Colleen

    We are in a similar lane though I have nowhere near as much experience in this business as you do. I do enjoy your perspectives and find that I agree with your sales views often. My new book just came out and I’d like to sen you a copy Please give me a mailing address so I can

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