The Key to Predictable Results | Sales Strategies

One of my clients chose “predictability” as their company’s 2020 theme. I thought that was a really laudable goal because, in choosing “predictability” as the theme, they created sales processes, territories, and named accounts to really give the sales team the focus they needed to produce predictable results. More importantly, what’s the central key to ensuring that you and your client have predictable results? Adherence to the process. 


Leverage Top Performers at Your Next Sales Meeting | Sales Strategies

   Here’s an idea for all of you planning your sales kickoffs or big sales meetings with all of your team present: rather than just having a number of outsiders come in and talk about their motivational, sales, or consulting principles, have somebody come in and interview your top performers.


Non-Sellers Are Key to Improving Sales | Sales Strategies

We recently experienced great success with our sales training programs. The customers involved received up to 200 to 400 percent return on investment just a few short months after the program was implemented—not after a year or multiple years, but indeed just a few short months.


Too Many Choices is a Bad Thing | Sales Strategies

Today, I want to talk to you about a problem that I see many people in our industry make and that is believing that giving your customers more choice is the best thing you can do for them.


Simplify Your Sales!

I’m touring Japan for a couple weeks (or should I say eating my way through Japan), and I’ve noticed that the best meals are also the simplest. From the freshest fish, perfectly cooked rice, handmade noodles, a locally, just-picked vegetable, the best meals have a singular focus on each plate highlighting a single ingredient with no ornate sauces, or fussy preparations. In thinking back to my past travels, Mykonos was the same way. The meals we remember the most were simply prepared and focused on the highest quality, local ingredients. Occam’s Razor tells us that most often the simplest solution is the best. And, while this is the case for food, it is also the case for revenue generation. A confused buyer never buys, and a confused seller never sells.

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How to Frustrate Your Leads

Picture call into your bank for support. Upon dialing the number, you're prompted by a machine to enter in your card number and other details. After this, you're transferred to a rep who then asks you for those exact credentials again. That rep, who can't properly answer your inquiry, transfers you over again to another rep who asks you to verify yourself one more time. It's frustrating just to think about it, right?

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