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If you have been listening to me or following my work for any length of time, you know that I consistently implore and demand that you start asking for the sale more. In fact, we know that this is why so many deals and opportunities do not get closed. 

Recently, I was doing one of my favorite things, which was listening to coaching calls and sales meetings that my clients were having with their team. In particular, they were discussing this specific subject. I heard some really great examples of wins that came from salespeople who asked very powerful questions at the end of the sales cycle to move things over that hurdle and get the PO.

Powerful Questions to Get the Sale

Here are two examples/scenarios that illustrate how to ask powerful questions to get the sale.

1.) The client says, “Well, why should I do business with you. I’ve been, you know, working with a current supplier for a long time.”

The seller then looks at the prospect and says, “After all the value I’ve shown you, why wouldn’t you do business with me?” 

The client then sits silent and the seller gets the order.

2.) A seller, after the customer said no to a tremendous return on investment shown to him, said, “So what I’m hearing you say is that you’re okay leaving this $80,000 savings that I’ve shown you on the table?”

The seller sat quiet and the customer said, “Yeah, you’re right. We should move forward.”

Those are two great examples. Yes, they’re on the assertive side, but these sellers mustered up the courage to say what they were thinking. More importantly, in both cases, it got them the win.

I estimate that the majority of times you lose the business is because you simply weren’t clear at the end of the discussion that you actually wanted to do business with your customer.


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