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A client once reported to me that the work we did with them last year is creating 35% more revenue to the company than it did in previous years. Now that’s an exceptional result, but rather than just giving myself a pat on the back, I just hired him to sit down and dissect what we did for them so that I could let you know how to get the same results. I realized it was three basic things.

1.) We implored them to stop showing their product upfront. Whether it’s a demo, product sheet, or a physical product, do not show or talk about the product as your first interaction with the client.

2.) Ask deep qualification questions. Don’t just ask simple, basic questions about how much they need and why they need it. Instead, ask deep questions that truly understand the value they expect to gain from doing business with you. Doing this correctly means you have to be comfortable talking about money because you’re going to monetize the problems they’re having now and the future value that you’re going to bring to them.

3.) Encourage them to build out their buyer community—wide and deep. Talk to more people than ever before, instead of the single person that you’ve been talking to in the past. When this client of mine built out their network, they were able to uncover multiple different problems that they could solve that drove that 35% growth.

Applying those aforementioned three things every single day will help you increase your sales and results.


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