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Nothing causes you to lose a sale more than being out of sync with your buyer when it comes to your sales process. Thus, how do you prevent that? Create a buyer-verified pipeline.

Creating a buyer-verified pipeline is actually quite simple, but there are two particular metrics you need to focus on.


The first metric I would like you to focus on when creating a buyer-verified pipeline is engagement. How engaged are buyers with you, your colleagues, and the material that you’re sending them? Are they reading it? Are they asking questions? Do they return your calls, show up for meetings, and respond to your emails?

Action Steps

The second metric I would like you to keep top of mind when developing your buyer-verified pipeline involves action steps. Is the customer mobilizing internal resources to get you access to the information that you need? Are they aligning their business requirements, needs, and wants with groups of people in order to deliver a concise view of their objectives? Are they taking action that’s indicating to you directly that they’re ready for the next step? 

If you can indeed measure both the engagement and action steps in each stage of your sales pipeline, you will be on your way to creating a true buyer-verified pipeline that ensures everyone is in sync.

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