Keeping the Prospect Engaged | Sales Strategies

I recently had a conversation with a really smart sales VP who said, "I need my team to remember that our job is to provoke our customers. It's to make people think. It's to bring them new ideas that they had never thought about before."


Do Your Prospects Trust Themselves? | Sales Strategies

I want to share with you a concerning trend involving your prospects’ trust and what you can do to fix it.  We are indeed seeing issues involving trust from buyers right now. Who can blame them? It's an incredibly volatile marketplace and it's going to continue this way for some time. However, it’s important for us to recognize that buyers currently lack trust not necessarily because they lack trust in you, but because they lack trust in themselves.

Businessman in a talk trap.

Beware of the Talk Trap

There’s a menace in your sales territory today. It’s one that can drain your resources, rob you of your time, lay waste to your sales targets, and sink the morale of your entire sales team…effortlessly.

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Confidence: How to Build It in 3 Easy Steps | Sales Strategies

Last week, we talked about being nice, staying focused and getting to work and I mentioned that being nice was so important because people do business with people that are motivated, successful and happy. One of the ways that we can show that in our business is to be confident.