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Prospecting during these uncertain times has been a popular topic. This is because prospecting in person—whether at a networking event, an association meeting, or through old-fashioned door-knocking—is just not happening anymore.

Thus, how do we prospect effectively during these difficult times? We shift online. Here are four steps you must take to elevate your online prospecting.

1. Be prepared with company information.

Research the business so you can better understand what they do, how they make money, or what trends they’re concerned about. Look at their website, blogs, or LinkedIn pages. You can utilize that information as a lever point to get in.

2. Share success stories and case studies.

Showcase successful stories and case studies that you have executed on your end. Ensure you understand what your company has accomplished to create value in the marketplace. Also, it’s vital to dollarize it if you want to capture their attention. Underscore how you’ve helped other businesses like them in their industry save or make x amount of money.

3. Use referrals. 

The strongest prospecting is going to come through a referral or some kind of connection. Thus, you have to start creating and cultivating connections online because old prospecting techniques are not going to work in today’s environment. 

4. Warm up the prospecting effort with social media outreach first.

Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Comment on what they’re posting and sharing. Then reach out via email to start the dialogue. Afterwards, transition to phone and video calls

Implement those four steps and you are going to drive more opportunities into your pipeline and close more business. 

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  2. Thanks for these great tips Colleen. What advice do you have when personalised emails are sent, which refer to previous work done with that organisation and suggesting assistance and future collaboration, are not answered?

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  4. I would recommend that you try calls, Linked in and more emails. Also, try reaching out to different people in the organization. persistence is key.

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