Don’t Forget The Basics in Sales!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in shiny new prospecting methods or techniques. But, let’s not forget about the basics in sales!

The sales landscape has (obviously) changed over the past year. Even our blog has dedicated significant entries to COVID-19 to help you remain successful during uncertainty.

But, it’s important to note that sales itself has not changed.

It has, and always will be, about bridging the gap between a prospect’s problem and your solution. Sure, those problems (and even your solution) and how you bridge that gap might have changed since the beginning of the year, but sales itself, technically speaking, remains the same in essence.

In the spirit of this fact, let’s talk about the basics needed to succeed in sales:

1. Communicate Clearly and Efficiently

Have you met many people who succeed in sales on a consistent basis but are also terrible communicators?

This isn’t the same, by the way, as being “introverted.”

As a seller, you must master the art of being able to clearly articulate your prospect’s problem, your solution, and the necessary steps in between the two.

In other words, you need to first properly understand the problem, how (and if) your solution is able to help, and then efficiently communicate this (and back away if you’re not the right fit for the prospect).

If you’re not taking the time to understand your prospects and properly determine whether or not you can help, you’re neglecting this important step.

2. Be Consistent and Be Persistent

I can’t tell you the number of sales reps, teams, and even sales managers I’ve met throughout the years who are sporadic with their prospecting and follow up efforts.

These are sellers who wait until the last possible moment in their week to make a few calls, or send a few emails, or skip a couple of weeks entirely, only to promise to “make up” for lost time later in the month.

These are the same reps who are scrambling at the end of a month or a quarter to hit their target.

They’re often the same reps who, even when they do prospect, follow up once or twice, or never again with potentially interested contacts.

Let me be clear. You can’t create consistent sales results when your prospecting efforts are inconsistent.

3. Make Time to Grow and Learn

The best salespeople take time for their personal and professional growth. They’re always seeking new and better ways to be productive, cut out distractions, connect with prospects, follow up with leads, and deliver more value.

Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to recommit to the basics. As I’ve discussed recently, there are numerous reasons right now to throw in the towel and deduce that sales are impossible to come by right now. They’re not.

Focus on what you can do, revisit the basics, and grow your sales!