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It’s that time of year again. How do we finish the year strong and at the same time, how do we start ramping up for next year?

This can be a really crazy time for sellers, so here are 4 things that you can do that’ll help you finish the year strong.

First, go into your opportunities for all of the people who you think are going to close this year and have frank conversations with them about the priorities of this opportunity for the end of this year. You want to develop a short list of people who say, “Yes, I have to make this purchase before the end of the year”, so that you can prioritize them.

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I might say to my prospect, ” Hey, I’m getting ready to send you this proposal. Can we review it on X date?” The reason for that is you don’t want to send it to them and have them ignore you and draw out the sales cycle. You want to be on top of all of the questions, objections, and have the ability to close quickly.

Next, make sure you do not take your foot off the prospecting gas pedal. You want to build a ramp for 2018, but you have a very short window right now to find new opportunities should your pipeline not close. So, we need to be finding those new opportunities on a regular basis to mitigate against the risk of a loss happening towards the end of the year.

Finally, try video conferencing using WebX, Adobe, Zoom, Skype, etc. instead of traveling. I have some clients who do this in a highly effective way. They are able to reduce the time it takes to close the business and they can talk to more customers in a day or in a week because they’re not constantly on airplanes.

I would encourage you to try all 4 of these tactics over the next few months as you close out this year strong and start next year with a flourish.

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