Fire Uncoachable Sellers Immediately

Not all sellers who are behind on their sales targets should be terminated. But, any seller who is behind and uncoachable should be terminated immediately.

Uncoachable sellers are unable to improve because they are unwilling.

They have a mindset that says “I’m always right, and you are wrong.”

They are unmovable and, if left in place, you risk them poisoning other members of your team. Let them go quickly.

Wondering what exactly makes a seller “uncoachable” and likely to cause further frustrations?

Here are three signs you need to look out for:

  1. They are unwilling to implement new ideas.
  2. The are openly hostile to other sellers’ success.
  3. They make excuses or blame others rather than accepting personal responsibility.

Don’t chalk a seller like this as a “bad attitude” with hopes that they can at least turn around their results.

Negative personality types like this should have no place on your team.

Let me know in the comments, how have you dealt with uncoachable sellers in the past?