Confidence: How to Build It in 3 Easy Steps | Sales Strategies

Last week, we talked about being nice, staying focused and getting to work and I mentioned that being nice was so important because people do business with people that are motivated, successful and happy. One of the ways that we can show that in our business is to be confident.


Now I know that some of you are leading teams or you got people on your team that are new to the business and lack confidence. Some of you are incredibly confident, but maybe you don’t know why you’re confident. So let’s dissect this for you right now so that you can learn how to build confidence in your daily business.

First, have a plan. The most successful sales reps that we work with and the teams that we work with use call planning. They think about the call before they go out and make the call. That way, they work through anything that the prospect or customer might say. They anticipate objections, questions, the buyer saying yes and the buyer saying no. They’re prepared for anything.

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Next, internalize. I know it’s really easy to sell when you got excel sheets, testimonials, and videos to show to the prospect or customer, but confidence comes from when those stories are internal. You can show up to sales meetings with nothing but a pen and paper and draw the story out while talking about it to your customer. When you internalize, you’re able to share your success stories about working with other customers that make your current customer feel like you understand them and know them in that marketplace better than before.

Next, always come prepared with questions. Know what questions you’re going to ask before you see a prospect or a customer. If there’s something that they ask that you don’t know the answer to, be prepared to ask questions. Don’t allow the customer to make a subjective statement without you having a why question or a how question. Try to turn that subjective statement into an objective reality. Doing that helps boost your confidence.

Finally, remember that highly confident people are not afraid to be wrong. They’re not afraid when the customer says, “I have a different idea”, or “I don’t believe you over here.” These people aren’t afraid to say, “That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that, but let me get back to you.” Be prepared and practice these things so if the client does say something that you don’t understand, agree with, or know the answer to, you can tell them that in a confident and positive tone.

Confidence leads to motivation, success, and sales acceleration and you need to be practicing it every single day. You can’t accelerate sales if you don’t have an accelerated sales mindset.

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