Finger pushing block of person, highlighting idea of bad sales candidates.

NEVER Hire These Candidates

Beginning another phase of recruiting or simply want to increase your hiring success? There are certain things that should be automatic red flags. If they pop up while you're interviewing someone, it's a telltale sign that you should probably steer clear from them. Let's take a look at a few warning signs.

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Hand holding chalk highlighting concept of hiring the right salesperson.

Hiring the Right Salesperson

Hiring the right salesperson for your team can be a hassle. They can have all the right experience, results, and seem like an ideal fit during an interview.

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Hire Right – Fire Fast!

Stop hanging on to poor sales performers! It's becoming increasingly apparent to me that sales leaders hesitate far too much when it comes to getting rid of their dead weight. In fact, this is a common element I come across in many dysfunctional sales teams I observe. Wondering if, perhaps, this is something you might be guilty of yourself?

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The Big Mistake in Picking a Sales Manager | Sales Strategies

   We've seen a lot of very high performing sales managers that come through our program. And one thing I noticed was that most of them were never the best salesperson in their organization. In fact, the majority of them had very little sales experience. They had enough to be credible in the marketplace and they had enough sales experience to know what it is like to face rejection and to get a big win.


Do Top Candidates Find You Attractive?

Get creative. That's my advice for any business owner or sales leader about to embark on a new phase of recruiting. Far too many leaders stick to the same old, same old when it comes to their recruitment process and trying to find great talent to join their team.

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Don’t Be Scared To Hire | Sales Tip

,I know there are a lot of small businesses and startup businesses that pay attention to my site. Often, they come to me and they say, “Colleen, should I build out my sales team? It seems kind of expensive and cumbersome."

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