Hiring the Right Salesperson

Hiring the right salesperson for your team can be a hassle.

They can have all the right experience, results, and seem like an ideal fit during an interview.

But, there are few things worse as a sales leader than investing time, money, and energy in hiring someone only to realize down the road that they’re likely not cut out for the role.

The good news? You can take a few preventative measures to better your chances of hiring the right fit for your team.

1. Get Clear

You need to know what you want if you’re going to have any chance finding who you want.

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself about the candidate you wish to join your organization:

  • What are the key characteristics they should possess?
  • What experience do they have?
  • What are their skills?
  • What do their previous results look like?

Don’t enter a hiring phase without getting clear on what you’re seeking.

2. Have Support in Place

Remember: what might come easily to you, may not come as easily to another person. It doesn’t mean they can’t pick up a concept or idea with some practice, but it’s a bad idea to simply throw a new hire to the wolves without ensuring there is adequate support systems in place.

Lean on your experienced and seasoned sales reps to lend a helping hand in your new rep’s training. And, as a leader, look at the new hire’s role objectively and anticipate obstacles, issues, and struggles that may arise so you can be prepared to handle it or prevent them completely.

3. Get Another Opinion

Ask your current sales reps for support. Go to the members on your team who demonstrate high-performance and ask them what they look for and want in a teammate and in the team.

Not only will this help you hire someone who is more likely to blend well with your current team, but it’ll help you get a gauge what your best sellers want more of on the team to help further support them as well.

Take the time and do your due diligence. You’ll be thanking yourself when you hire your next rockstar salesperson.

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