How to Build Confidence in Your Sales Team

Have you given sufficient thought to building confidence in your sales team?

It goes without saying, but confident salespeople perform better than those who lack confidence. People want to do business with people who are happy and successful, and one of the greatest indicators of these attributes is confidence.

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Salespeople though, tend to come with varying levels of confidence. Especially if you have a team that lacks experience, their confidence could be their greatest area for improvement.

How though, can you build this confidence?

There are three steps you can take:

1. Create a Plan

The most successful sales teams use call planning. That is, they actually think about the call prior to making the call. This allows the sales reps to be better prepared for whatever it is the prospect might say. They anticipate objections, they anticipate questions, they anticipate the buyer saying yes as well as no, and are prepared for both outcomes.

2. Internalize

Memorizing a sales script isn’t enough. Let’s face it, any given conversation can go in a multitude of different directions. The best possible way to remain composed and confident when a conversation takes an expected turn is to internalize products, services, unique selling propositions and other elements that allow a conversation to transpire rather than an interview or interrogation. When salespeople know and internalize their materials, they naturally become more confident too.

3. Always Come Prepared With Questions

Questions are the best way to direct the conversation. Having a list of questions prepared for the prospect allows you to take control of the conversation when needed, and to also gain valuable insights to help you sell.

There you have it. Every sales team needs confidence. These three steps will help develop more of it in yours.

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