3 Warning Signs of Who NOT to Hire | Sales Strategies

February 2, 2018

Today, we’re going to go over three tips that will help you in your interview process so you know which candidates you shouldn’t hire.

First, never hire a seller who can’t tell you how they accomplished what they say they accomplished on their resume. Sales resumes are notorious for being filled with awards and candidates exceeding goals, being top performers and opening new markets. That information is fine on its own, but they need to be able to show that they can replicate those results in your business.

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Next, never hire a seller that has no memory. At the end of the interview, you should always ask your candidate what they remember. Get them to summarize the conversation they had with you. If they can’t do that, that means they haven’t been listening and if they won’t listen to you, they probably won’t be listening to your clients or prospects.

Finally, never hire a seller who doesn’t come equipped with questions. If they’re not qualifying you and your company as an opportunity for themselves, they aren’t good salespeople. They should always be prepared with key questions that you need to answer to make sure that they feel happy and comfortable with the solution.

Any seller that has these traits should not be hired. Eliminate them from your recruiting process right away and you’ll have a much more successful sales team.

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One response to “3 Warning Signs of Who NOT to Hire | Sales Strategies”

  1. Dan Holstein says:

    Excellent strategies on avoiding dud sellers Colleen. They are bang on. Stand out idea for me is to ask the seller to summarize the interview to see if they were listening.
    Thanks for sharing!

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